10 Best Karaoke Songs for a Broken Heart

Valentine's Day isn't always about enjoying an expensive dinner with the love of your life. Sometimes it's about cursing relationships with the best single friends in your life. And I've learned from my two best friendsJessica Day and Nathan Bean, both former champions in Bellevue's Rockaroke competitionthat the visceral release of singing your guts out at karaoke can be a surprisingly effective way to nurse a heartbreak hangover. So grab a group of only your most supportive mates, book a private room at the Rock Box or Seattle's Best Karaoke and let the power of these hits help you let it all out:


"She's Gone" by Hall & Oates

"What It Takes" by Aerosmith

"You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morisette

"I'm the Only One" by Melissa Etheridge

"Ordinary People" by John Legend

"99 Problems" by Jay-Z

"I Don't Care Anymore" by Phil Collins

"The River" by Garth Brooks

"It's All Coming Back To Me Now" by Celine Dion

"I Want to Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston*


*Not originally on the list, because it's impossible to sing Whitney well. But given her passing away this weekend, a tribute seemed fitting.