4 Hot Drinks at Local Bars

Warm up with a toddy or two from one of these Seattle watering holes

By Seattle Mag November 19, 2015


Brrrr, it’s chilly outside! The temperatures are dropping and winter is in the air. But don’t just stand there shivering with the cold. Get inside one of our local watering holes, where they’re serving up hot drinks that’ll warm you up with their temperatures, and with their well-balanced mix of spirits and liqueurs. Below are four picks for great hot drinks.

The Norman Toddy, The Sexton: This warmer-upper gets its umph from Calvados, an apple brandy made in the Normandy region of France. It’s combined here with a housemade spiced-honey liqueur and lemon, topped with hot water, and garnished with apple and cinnamon. As drink creator (as well as manager of the Sexton) and bar star Bridget Maloney says, it’s “a fun simple little twist on a classic that brings about flavor of apples and cloves and cinnamon.” Yummy.

La Piccola Bestia, Coretto: With a name coming from Italian morning starter the Caffè Corretto (an espresso with a bit of grappa, or perhaps anisette), you would expect this spot to have some drinks that warmed in both ways. In fact, a whole section of their menu is devoted to their namesake drink’s form. Lots of good choices, but on really cold days, try the La Piccola Bestia, with local 3 Howls Barrel Strength Gin, Meletti cioccolato chocolate liqueur, hot espresso, and cream.

All About Eve, Witness: When the wind is whipping in from the north, transport yourself to warmer climes (if only for a little while) by heading into this southern-esque stalwart to sip on this combination of bourbon, apple cider, and lemon, served up warm. If you want to pretend you’re Betty Davis while doing the sipping (as she was the star of the movie that shares this drink’s name), go right ahead.

Teacher’s Toddy, The Teacher’s Lounge: It’s not listed on the menu, but by winking at the bartender and asking for a hot toddy, you’ll get owner Perryn’s delightful take on the classic. He mixes bourbon or brandy (your choice) honey, lemon, allspice liqueur, and hot water in a warm mug and garnishes it with a clove-studded lemon wedge. That’ll take the edge off.


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