5 Reasons to Visit Pike Place Market Now

By Seattle Mag


February 27, 2013

Listening to the lame excuses Seattle residents spout about why they do not frequent Pike Place Market gets on my last good nerve. Especially this time of year, when there are few tourists clogging up the walkways and parking spots are easy enough to find.

Here are five damn good reasons why you should go, like right now, to our city’s tastiest treasure:

The Crumpet Shop is one of the more established venues in the Market, but that doesn’t mean it’s old school stodgy. The mantra at this homey place is about making you happy, and in recent years, the family-owned and run business has listened to its loyal customers and moved in a more organic direction. Yay! Go savory with the green eggs and ham, or jammy sweet. Of course, you could opt for both with the stunningly good combo of both, crumbled Stilton on top of orange marmalade.

Go check out the gorgeous, newly expanded Bavarian Meats. Not only has the sausage-stuffed and cured pork deli case grown, there’s also the option of ordering hot food and eating it in the light-filled counter facing the street, a terrific perch for people watching.

Speaking of expansion, The Daily Dozen is now twice its original size and wants to help double your waistline, too. Those evil geniuses have ripped a page from the playbook of Portland’s Voodoo Doughnuts and are now offering up bacon-studded maple minis. Oh, and they’re offering petite pies, too.

TULIPS! The original spring tonic. They’re here and they’re beautiful.

Shoot, there’s no way in hades I can contain this list to just five reasons you really should go to Pike Place Market pronto, so here’s another fistful of some of my very favorite places that make me so happy: DeLaurenti, Market Spice, Don & Joe’s (get the working man’s special), Matt’s in the Market, Steelhead Diner, Happy Valley (for the cheapest fried chicken fix in town), Uli’s, the Pasta Bar (ask Brian to make you a ravioli sandwich), Le Pichet (there’s still time to get your winter raclette fix), Le Panier (love the pistachio macaron), The Pike brewery, The Tasting Room, Kastoori Grill (the new Indian/Nepalese place where the lunch buffet curries actually pack some heat), Britt’s Pickles, Seatown, Etta’s (especially during Crabby Hour, 3-6 weekdays) and, finally, The Spanish Table, where, by the way, if you spend $35 filling your pantry with their incredible wares, they’ll validate your parking.

What are you waiting for? Go!