Scoop Blog Archive / April 2009

From AOL to Twitter: A Social Media Autobiography

The idea that a scrappy startup could dethrone a social media giant is nothing new. Millions of young Americans have left one social network in favor of starting fresh and buiding a new one.

Take, for example, my own social media history: I first hopped online in 1993. Back then, Web savvy classmates dialed up to chat with eachother on AOL. Fast-forward to the college years and I was knee-deep in blogging via Live Journal and building new "networks" on Friendster and then Myspace. Read more »

Swinery Bacon Now Legal?

I know it's not polite to say I told you so, but we did call him the "Controversial Reinventor" in our April Best Restaurants issue. And that was way before his latest troubles, which resulted in the recent closure of Culinary Communion.  Read more »