Scoop Blog Archive / April 2009

Food News: Mistral Kitchen to open this fall

William Belickis, former chef/owner of the late Mistral in Belltown, disappointed many when he closed Mistral in 2008. But now he's back: He signed a lease yesterday for a location in the West 8th building situated between the retail core of downtown and South Lake Union. The 100+ seat restaurant he's planning to open, to be called Mistral Kitchen, will be located in the triangular space in the 26-story building enclosed by 80 feet of glass on two sides. Read more »

Lorna Yee's Cookbook Chronicles

Lorna Yee, Seattle magazine's Key Ingredient columnist is currently working on her first cookbook with Seattle Bride editor Ali Basye (to be published in Spring 2010 by Sasquatch Books). We prodded Lorna with a few questions about her new book and she happily responded.

What was the inspiration for your new book? Read more »


Tweeting While Eating: A James Beard Adventure

On Monday I was lucky enough to attend the James Beard Northwest nominees dinner and tweetup. Yes, tweetup. What’s that you ask? In the Twitter lexicon it's the geeky phrase de jour used to describe a real life meet up of Twitter friends. Read more »

Food News: Spring Restaurant Openings

Spring is a great time to grow, and two Seattle cult faves are doing just that. Joining the trend of restaurants adding locations on the Eastside isAgua Verde, the easy-breezy taco mecca with great fresh guacamole and margaritas. The second shop will open in the concession building at Houghton Beach State Park in Kirkland (5811 Lake Washington Blvd.), hopefully by Memorial Day, or in early June if there are delays.  Read more »

Chefs: Tasting Your Food Isn't Always Enough

We've all heard the mantra, whether in person at restaurant jobs or on TV's Top Chef or what-have-you: Chefs: Taste Your Food!

Except lately, I've noticed that it's not always enough for a chef to "taste" his or her food. Read more »