Scoop Blog Archive / May 2009

Roving Seattle Black Bear Has a Name!

The Seattle area's roving black bear is still eluding Fish & wildlife officials, The Seattle Times reports today. After snaking it's way through Ballard, Magnolia and north to Shoreline, the 2-year-old (a mere teenager in bear years) has been dubbed "Urban Phantom" by officials.  Read more »

Former Soul Coughing Singer Busts up a Starbucks

If you were worried about the safety of your local Starbucks over the weekend, worry no more! Mike Doughty (formerly of the band Soul Coughing) was in town last Friday for an acoustic show at the Triple Door.  Rabid caffeine addicts may know him best for his song, “Busting up a Starbuxxx” (we assume the triple x spelling is due to legal reasons and not the orgasmic power of coffee).   Read more »

Arts: Seattle Opera Explores Marriage and The Ring

Figaro! Figaro! Figaro! You have two performances left to catch Seattle Opera’s The Marriage of Figaro before it ends this Saturday. Mozart’s Figaro remains one of the most performed operas in America and is a great choice for opera newbies. The music is gorgeous and it’s the type of enchanting romantic comedy that would be perfect for Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts! Read more »


Massage Afoot

I stand on my feet a lot. Mostly in hard-heeled cowboy boots or black combat boots. And on solid concrete, too. Eight hours a day, five days a week, and I'm supposed to remain smiling. Ouch.

You can imagine that I was delighted to hear from one of my customers that a foot massage parlor opened up the street from Momo -- just $29 for hour long relief. Yes, a stroll away and I could find myself in heaven, some strong-handed person rubbing away my foot woes. One day I'll treat myself, I promised. Read more »

Sip+Sound Cancelled

Sip+Sound, our May 20 music event has been cancelled. Our apologies to those of you planning to attend this shindig.