Scoop Blog Archive / June 2009

Zombies in Port Gamble, Kitsap County

Entrails and brains were flying last Thursday night at the Kirkland Performance Center for the Seattle International Film Festival showing of ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction. Dubbed a “political zomedy” by local director and co-writer Kevin Hamedani (who was raised in Edmonds and attended the University of Washington), ZMD is a political satire that also pokes fun at the clichés of horror films (young couple in car and boyfriend eaten by zombies). Read more »

Seattle has been SIFFted

I love imaginary Seattle. No, I don’t mean the Seattle in my mind that has free parking and a winning sports team. I’m talking about Hollywood’s version of Seattle. The Fabulous Baker Boys is amusing because people seemingly teleport all over downtown (I wish I could walk the entire city in under a minute!) and I love Singles if only because the mayor is told that the city needs better public transportation. Geesh! That movie was made over 17 tears ago! Maybe Singles could offer some prescient advice on the tunnel vs. Read more »

Grace and Steel: Louise Nadeau retires from PNB

I was never one of those little girls who wanted to be a ballerina. (This is probably a good thing since my joints are as creaky as a former pro-football player.) Had I seen Louise Nadeau dance when I was younger, however, I think I would have been clamoring for a tutu. 

Nadeau is a born ballerina and can charm an audience with the turn of a toe. On Sunday, after 19 years of dancing with the Pacific Northwest Ballet, Nadeau retired her pointe shoes and was honored with a farewell performance, “A Celebration of Louise Nadeau.”  Read more »

Mayor Supports Potential Street-Food Comeback

Mayor Greg Nickels has teamed up with county health officials in an effort to revise the city’s strict street-food regulations. Since 2003, a city-wide ban on street food has made it difficult for vendors to open up shop in the University District and from Westlake to the stadiums in Sodo, reported The Stranger last week. They went further to say: Read more »

Art-on-a-Stick - Portable Goodness!

Sometimes an invention can revolutionize the world. For instance, there is the stick. Ice cream was imprisoned in bowls until the stick transformed it into a portable phenomenon (cake never recovered from the blow). The corn dog? It wouldn’t have any fans if not for the stick. The new-and-improved Capitol Hill Art Walk, renamed Blitz,, hopes that the stick can revolutionize art in the same way. On June 11, Blitz will celebrate its launch with the Art-on-a-Stick Parade.  Read more »