Scoop Blog Archive / July 2009

Screaming Deal: Seafood Fest Sidewalk Sale

The streets of Ballard will be filled with all sorts of goodies from local merchants for the Ballard Sidewalk Sale. Check it out. Sale starts today and lasts through Sunday.

PREVIEW: Meet Your Hip, New Stealthbucks Barista

In a city bursting with one-of-kind coffee shops, stopping by a cookie-cutter Starbucks location can feel like a caffeinated sin. Starbucks hopes to change all of that with a new neighborhood cafe concept launching tomorrow.  Read more »

Catch Me If You Can Cancels 5 Shows, Adds 2 More

The July 23 through 26 preview performances of Catch Me If You Can have been cancelled, but the show will go on. The folks at The 5th Avenue Theatre will offer two additional performances of the show next week on Tuesday, July 28 and Wednesday, July 29. Read more »

NW Getaways: Kitsap Wine Festival

If you’re looking for a great reason to hop on a ferry, here it is—the Kitsap Wine Festival. Read more »

Hit Ctrl Alt Design at Ouch My Eye

I just took my second spin around Ouch My Eye's excellent Ctrl Alt Design show, curated by JOIN: Design Seattle, and found myself still covetous of all the clever and lovely (and useful!) items exhibited. Observe:

Doorknobs made out of hockey pucks (they feel so great in your hand!). Read more »