Scoop Blog Archive / July 2009

Herb & Dorothy Bring Art Down to Earth

"In their modest one-bedroom New York apartment, unassuming couple Herb and Dorothy Vogel quietly amassed one of the world’s most extraordinary collections of minimalist and conceptual art." So begins the PR for Herb & Dorothy, a documentary playing at the Northwest Film Forum through Sunday. The film has received wildly positive reviews, in large part because this normal, not wealthy couple exemplifies the much-ballyhooed (but rarely put into practice) idea that art is for everyone—not just rich people and scholars. Read more »

Screamin' Deals: Fly Virgin from $49 Each Way

Sir Richard Branson's deals are most definitely more attractive than that '70s shag hairstyle he sports–Seattle to San Francisco from $49 each way
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Sneak Peek: Inside Mistral Kitchen's New Digs

On Wednesday morning, I sat down with chef William Belickis (of Belltown’s Mistral, which closed March of 2008) in a 5,000-square-foot concrete space at the intersection of 8th Avenue and Westlake in South Lake Union that, in the span of four months will inevitably be one of the most expensive restaurant openings of the year. Read more »

Screamin' Deal: $50 and Under Art at VAIN

The folks at VAIN have yet another reason for you to visit this always edgy salon/gallery/boutique/community space–for art work priced at $50 or less! Read more »

The Good, the Bad, the Manly: 6 Mancation Movies

Dude, looking for some inspiration for your next mancation? Seattle mag contributor, Nick Horton, helps you get a head start on your next manly getaway; check out these six vacations straight from the movies:

1. City Slickers (1991) – Can you get any more manly than Jack Palance? Can you get any less manly than Billy Crystal? Read more »