Scoop Blog Archive / November 2009

Thanksgiving Recipes: Becky Selengut's B'stilla

B'stilla is a Moroccan dish traditionally made with squab (aka a pigeon that hasn't yet learned to fly). If you can't find squab, it's easily substituted with chicken thighs. Don't be tempted to substitute with breast meat - the extra fat in the thighs can handle the extra cooking in the oven. B'stilla is a wonderful alternative dish to make for a brunch, paired with a cheese platter, some sliced figs and a big thermos full of Moroccan mint tea. Read more »

Marshmallow goodness: Trophy's Candied Yam Cupcake

Along with adding their chocolate hazelnut cupcake (made with Nutella, as all good things should be), the cupcake superstar Trophy Cupcakes are bringing back their Candied Yam cupcake through the end of November. Think a carrot cake type base with a big, toasty swirl of toasted marshmallowy goodness on top (yes, the same goodness that's on their famous S'mores cupcake). I am not a big marshmallow fan---but snarfed this down in no time. It's the handheld Thanksgiving dessert of the season. Read more »

Thanksgiving Recipe Treats from TASTE

Pastry chef Lucy Damkoehler of TASTE has two sweet holiday treats to share with you today--Eggnog Tapioca with blood orange sorbet and rum crisp, and apple spice fritters!
Eggnog Tapioca

Blood orange sorbet & rum crisp
by pastry chef Lucy Damkoehler

This is a great dessert for the holidays.  I love adding the fresh blood orange sorbet to keep this light and refreshing after a filling meal. Read more »

Twilight Mania Bites the Sorrento and Canlis

It looks like local twihards aren’t the only one’s who’ve been bitten by Twilight mania. The Sorrento Hotel and the Canlis have caught Twilight fever, too, and they're celebrating the opening of New Moon with a new cocktail creation (recipes below). The Bella Edward is now available at the Sorrento Hotel's Hunt Club. And the Canlis offers up The Temptation of Edward Cullen.

Read more »

Drink This: 20something

Don’t miss the un-snob wine event  for Millennials and Gen-Y-ers (and anyone else) who want to get to know Washington wines without any pressure. Seventy five of the state’s most intriguing wineries will be offering sips of their $30-and-under wines at the Fremont Studios on November 21. For those who need extreme details, the Geek Lounge will have sips of varietals, sensory games, glassware insider stuff, plus food and wines that don’t hate each other. Read more »