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GOALLLL! Artist Diem Chau scores at the World Cup

How often does an emerging Seattle artist get selected by a national corporation to produce work for a global sports event? Well now we can say at least once. I'm so thrilled for local artist (and Seattle magazine 2008 Spotlight Award winner) Diem Chau, who was tapped to carve 66 of her signature Crayola crayon sculptures (NO, not the jumbo size, the regular, tiny size) with the likenesses of 6 famous players for Nike's World Cup press kits. Only 11 of these kits went out (I don't know to whom... Read more »

The Weekly Must List: June 10 - 16

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What You Might Not Know About PNB's Copp

There are ballets out there that everyone knows—chestnuts, like The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, etc.. Then there are the ones that aren't so well known. As a more-than-casual (but not hard-core) ballet follower, Coppélia falls into the latter category for me. I imagine these must be the toughest to sell for ballet houses. Read more »

How You Can Get Into SAM's Remix Tonight

Forget to buy tickets to the Seattle Art Museum’s sold-out Remix tonight? There's still hope. The first 100 guests at the door donning wigs get into the party for free. So if you absolutely cannot stomach the idea of missing out on the opportunity to hang at SAM after hours, swing by the costume store after work and buy yourself a nice head of synthetic hair. My sources tell me the lines usually start around 6:45 p.m., so the ticket-poor should arrive early. Read more »


The Weekly Must List: June 3-9, 2010

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