Scoop Blog Archive / November 2010

Art for Art's Sake: From Dance to Literature

Lately I have been obsessed with two things: the vagaries of the Seattle School District’s math curriculum and cat pee.

These perturbations have kept me awake at night and have consumed many of my daylight hours.

So it was a relief a few weeks ago to be reminded that art has the power to transcend almost anything and what it can’t transcend, it can soothe. Read more »


Fashion Friday: One click local shopping finds

Let's be honest for a second: After about 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon, the brain is pretty much shot, and the likelihood of actually getting any work accomplished plummets. So when you need to take a short internet break this afternoon, here's handy list of local designers who are making efforts to be eco-conscious. Read more »


Weekly Must List: November 11 - 17

Must Learn
Pecha Kucha Read more »

Thank you, Dave Niehaus

I can’t say I knew Dave Niehaus well. But in the years I spent covering television and sports in Seattle, I came to appreciate him not as legendary broadcaster or gifted storyteller – certainly he was both – but as a person of enormous dignity. Read more »

Outdoors: Cyclocross Comes to Woodland Park

If my article now out in the November 2010 "Meat" issue of Seattle Magazine on the cyclocross craze sweeping the region tickled your fancy at all, now is your chance to check out the wild and wooly sport in person. This coming Sunday November 14, Seattle-based MFG Cyclocross is putting on its second annual Woodland Park Gran Prix 'cross race. If you are a racer, goto to pre-register for the race. Read more »