Scoop Blog Archive / April 2011

Grant Achatz Leads Stunning Team of Chefs at Fred Hutch Fundraiser

If your charitable spending budget is around $350 and you want to taste the wares of several terrific Seattle chefs, as well as meet acclaimed Alinea chef, Life, On the Line author and cancer survivor Grant Achatz during a half-hour VIP reception, the upcoming 20th Anniversary Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research dinner on May 22nd is an unmatched opportunity. Read more »

Tips from Kelly Singer on Gearing Up for Jogging in the Rain

Kelly Singer

It’s April in Seattle, but the unseasonably cool temperatures, lack of sunshine, and constant drizzle makes it  feel like we’re back in November.  I’m past the point of letting the weather rain on my parade and on my run, so I made a list of the necessary gear needed to get out there and stay dry.  

Here’s what you need for your April run, hike or walk: Read more »

Reserve Now or Rough It This Summer: Swank New Digs on San Juan Island Allow for Close-in "Camping"

Lakedale's Airstream
Totally tubular camping at Lakedale

Got your summer camping reservations yet? 'Course you do; we Northwest die-hard dirt campers know you gotta get online in early February to snag the choice riverside sites. Or do we? Though I quiver with anticipation whenever I see my sleek Coleman stove gathering dust in my garage, a press release that just crossed my desktop has me wondering whether this is the summer I'll consider a swankier, less bug-infested version of my fave outdoor activity. Read more »


Fashion + Style Friday: Meet the 2011 Seamless in Seattle designers, plus see the amazing designs

A look by 2010 Seamless in Seattle winner Heilyke; who will come out on top in 2011?

Producer Jennifer Roth to Receive Mayor's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film

We can't keep this news under our hats any longer! The recipient of the 2011 Mayor's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film is... Seattle-based producer Jennifer Roth. Hooray! Roth will be presented with the award at SIFF's opening night on May 19th. She's receiving the prestigious award because she has played a crucial role in getting big budget movies filmed in Seattle, and also because of her tireless dedication to local indie filmmakers. Read more »