Scoop Blog Archive / April 2012

Sarah Loertscher Jewelry Trunk Sale this Weekend

Here’s your chance to grab hot-off-the-runway style: Local jewelry maven Sarah Loertscher just returned to town after runs at Los Angeles’ and El Paseo’s fashion weeks, where her innovative sculptural jewels were paired with Project Runway alum Mila Hermanovski’s new collection.

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Four Divine After-Dinner Cocktails

A.J. Rathbun

Last month, on this very blog, I wrote about the aperitif, that drink consumed before a meal to start the meal, and the conversation, off on the right note.

However, a meal is like a shelf full of scrumptious books, and without a bookend on either side, the books, or courses, spill over onto each other and become less distinguishable. This is why having the right after-dinner drink to balance out the aperitif is key. Read more »

Titanic Concert at 5th Avenue Theatre Sings the Songs of the 99 Percent

I am so glad the 5th Avenue Theatre is bringing Titanic – The Concert to the stage this weekend (April 13-15) - and not because it's the 100th anniversary of the ship's tragic sinking.

I had the opportunity to watch a rehearsal yesterday and from just that glimpse, the show promises to be more powerful than I was ready to give it credit for.
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Prepare to Die of Cuteness: The Narwhal, a Mobile Oyster Wagon, Coming This Summer

narwhal food truck

We can all stop coming up with ideas now; the lastest, greatest one will soon be a reality. Read more »

Viaduct for Dummies: It's the pits in SoDo, and other transpo-nerd news

A giant auger drills holes to create the launch pit

Perched on the edge of the pit as we are here at Seattle mag, we never tire of watching the action–-giant, weird-looking machines shoving around enormous piles of muck; huge, Mad Men-contraptions thundering around behind twisted bales of metal; and what is that curtain hanging from the shreds of the Viaduct? Some days, I can barely contain my excitement, especially when something new is happening (like over at the 520 project, but more on that in a minute). Read more »