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A Pinterest Board on Pinter

A screenshot of ACT Theare's promotional Pinterest board.

Cool idea, ACT. We like the way you think (check out the title for this great article Brangien Davis wrote on the upcoming Pinter Festival, which we are all very much looking forward to).



World's Fair "Avengers" Assemble at Elliott Bay Books

Seattle's own Mad Men: Senator Warren Magnuson gives a Century 21 poster the once over while fair officials look on.

If you've always wondered how the Space Needle came to be—or if you'd like to know why Seattle Center was almost named "Pleasure Island," grab a seat at a special Elliott Bay Books event this Saturday.

The eminent local experts on Seattle history (not to mention monopolizers of the most entertaining World's Fair trivia) are assembling to talk about the impact ofand the intriguing characters behindCentury 21. Read more »


5 Tasty Food Dates For Your Summer Calendar

Leslie Kelly

One of the many reasons summer goes by too darned quickly? There are just so many neat-o things to do. (Make time slow down, so we can do more!) Here are a few options to add to your already crammed culinary calendar: Read more »


What's the Poop on the Taylor Shellfishtival?

This press release from Taylor Shellfish Farms about the upcoming Shellfish-tival inspired a couple Friday afternoon thoughts...

1. I think if you're going to call something a Shellfishtival you should fully embrace it and drop the hyphen.

2. The lineup seems a little heavy on feces-related fun. What's with the poop party?

  Read more »


Local Bars with Patios and Great Summer Cocktails

A.J. Rathbun
Belltown's Rob Roy is a great place to tuck in to, but in summer, take your cocktail out to the front deck

Day after day of bright yellow rays and temperatures creeping almost into hot territory are leaving me and most Seattle folks dazed and blissful. Not only are these halcyon days charming to walk around in, sit around in, ride around in, and wear less around in, they’re also wonderful for drinking outside. Read more »