Scoop Blog Archive / October 2012

6 Restaurants Where You Can Enjoy Meatless Mondays

Leslie Kelly
Mushroom panini with gruyere, peppers and arugula - on a previous Meatless Monday menu at Oddfellows Cafe

Seattle-based food writer Kim O’Donnel was into Meatless Mondays long before Mario Batali and others shoved this notion onto the mainstream consciousness. Hooray and pass the kale chips! (You’ll find a recipe for those crunchy green gems in her first cookbook.) Read more »


Where to Watch the Final Presidential Debate

Romney and Obama
It's showtime.

Watching Obama and Romey face-off is always more fun in a crowd, so join friends at one of these neighborhood restaurants to watch the third and final presidential debate (10/28, 6pm), focusing on foreign policy. The themed food and libations offered here should definitely pique your electoral energy.
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Splendid Avenue's Chic Swedish Style

The sky is gray, but that doesn't mean you have to be dreary. This Ilse Jacobsen raincoat is the antidote to the fall blahs.

Ballard’s not the only place to find Scandinavian style with a Pacific Northwest nod. Splendid Avenue, a charming web shop owned by Swedes Monika and Ewa (they prefer to keep things on a first name basis), stocked with fine quality Northern European goods, for home and body, provides shoppers with high style and a classic edge.  Read more »


Sweet Little Mignon Kitchen Co.

The sweetest things come in small packages. These cupcake wrappers are no exception.

Cute as a button pretty much sums up Mignon Kitchen Co., an online home goods shop based in Seattle and run by talented graphic designer and jewelry maker, Rachel Ball. Mignon, or "cute" in French, is an apt name for this sweet shop, stocked with affordable treasures and tools that make preparing, eating and enjoying food a treat. Read more »


A More Balanced Way to Read the News

With state and national elections imminent, a large helping of politics with your news is pretty much unavoidable. And while it’s easy to guess what end of the spectrum political ads sit on (thanks to those handy endorsed by and paid for declarations), that’s not always true of the news we read online. That’s why we were glad when Geekwire brought a new online tool, Balancer, to our attention. Read more »