Scoop Blog Archive / November 2012

Surprise: Mamnoon Opens Today!

The exterior of Capitol Hill's Mamnoon

The runner-up on my list of Fall's Most Exciting Restaurant Openings (second only to the craziness that will surely accompany the opening of Shanik on December 3rd), Mamnoon is opening in a converted warehouse across from the Melrose Market. And that opening is, November 20th! Read more »

Local Chefs On Why Riesling is the Best Thanksgiving Wine

Leslie Kelly
Duhnam Cellars 2009 Late Harvest Riesling and Poet's Leap 2008 Riesling took the prize for "Best Sweet Wine" (in their respective price points) in our 2012 Best Washington Wine Awards

Wine is my absolute favorite condiment on the Thanksgiving table; it's an important supporting character at the feast, but not necessarily the star. After many years of searching for that perfect complement to all the diverse flavors at the mother of all traditional meals, Riesling from Washington State has become my go-to wine on the third Thursday of every November. Just like cranberry sauce, it’s a little bit sweet but has a snappy kick to it, too. Read more »


The Museum Store at Frye Art Museum

The Museum Store at the Frye: super cool and very well curated by the talented Charlie Schuck

As part of their current exhibition Mw [Moment Magnitude], the Frye Museum Store has been re-conceptualized by photographer Charlie Schuck into one of the most exciting and interesting retail experiences to hit the scene in ages. Read more »


On Pete Wells, Guy Fieri, and Low Hanging Fruit

Guy Fieri in all his highlighted hair, red convertible glory

Like many of you, earlier this week I giggled and snickered at Pete Wells' New York Times all-question takedown of Guy Fieri's Times Square behemoth, Guy's Kitchen and Bar. It's the most emailed Times article right now, and why wouldn't it be? Read more »

Thanksgiving Cocktails: One Drink for Each Course of the Meal

A.J. Rathbun
The Seelbach is a classy start to any meal

Thanksgiving tends to be so focused on eating that the drinks often become an afterthought.

This is a shame, as the right drinks can add extra pizzazz, help the food go down easier, and make dealing with relatives much more manageable. Following are three Thanksgiving drink ideas for each course of the meal: the first for when your guests arrive, the second for the meal’s beginning, and the third for when the meal is done. Read more »