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Seattle’s New Drinking Chocolate Tour

drinking chocolate from wine tea chocolates in fremont
The drinking chocolate from Wine Tea Chocolates in Fremont is featured in our February Chocolate issue

Hundreds of years before it became a confectionary bar, chocolate was a popular savory drink. Legend has it that Aztec emperor Montezuma flavored it with orange and chilies and used it like a pre-cursor to Red Bull, consuming up to 50 cups a day for its energizing effects.

On the Tour De Haut Chocolate tour at The Chocolate Box, your tour guide, Larry, will entertain you with fascinating tidbits such as these, ranging from Aztec lore to the chemistry of chocolate. Read more »


Sustalux at Clementine

sustalux style
A mix of modern with vintage from Sustalux: silk top by Madison Marcus, $54 and vintage hat, $14

Dana Guyton, curator of virtual vintage shop, Sustalux, is setting up, for the third time no less, at Clementine in West Seattle on Saturday and Sunday, February 2 and 3 in a continuation of a fashion collaboration made in heaven. Sustalux’s throw back style is a perfect foil to Clementine’s modern sensibility, and both retailers will be stocked to the hilt with fun stuff, perfect for your Valentine plans. Read more »


Food News: An *Updated* Update on Fuji Bakery

Fuji Bakery's marvelous pastries. Will the reinvented Fuji stack up?

Update: It looks like the return of Fuji Bakery is set back another few months....again. The latest prediction is March. Bummer. Read more »

Madrona's Cameos & Crowns to Close

The brick and mortar shop is closing, but you can still purchase Cameos & Crown's line of towels, aprons and makeup bags

Sad news: Madrona's Cameos & Crowns is closing just as soon as her current inventory is sold, which from the sounds of it, will be soon, given everything is 50 percent off until then. Read more »

Washington's Unsung Wine Needs a Name Change

Leslie Kelly

So, yeah, I’m still waiting for Lemberger to be the next big thing from Washington State, but not sure that’s every going to happen. Read more »