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Amazon's New Kindle Ad Loves Gay Marriage

amazon kindle paperwhite ad husbands

Seattle-based retail giant just launched a national ad for its Kindle Paperwhite. The star of the ad isn't the new e-reader, though. It's the subtle notion presented that gay marriage is a totally benign and normal aspect of life. Oh, and any thinking that defaults to heterosexuality as a norm. Well, that's sort of old hat. The future is all about equality (and reading on screens, indoors and out). Cheers to that (except the screen part; I'm not totally sold on that idea). Read more »

Best Picture Nominees at Local Theaters, Happy Hour at the Armory and Other Weekend To-dos

silver linings playbook oscars movies
(from left) Bradley Cooper, Jacki Weaver and Robert De Niro star in Silver Linings Playbook, a surprising "romantic-dramedy" we definitely recommend

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Five Cocktails to Serve at Your Oscars Party

A.J. Rathbun
oscar party drinks cocktail recipes

The lights, the glamour the red carpet (oh, and the movies)—they’re all  part of the yearly parade that is Oscars night. But without the right cocktail at your Oscars soirée, you won’t be winning any awards. Serve up one of the following, though, and you might earn a standing ovation from your guests. Read more »

Call For Info: Long Gone Seattle Shops

An undated photo of the French gown shop at Frederick & Nelson

I'm on a quest and hope you can help. I'm talking to those of you who have lived here a long time, and have memories of a favorite store or two you used to love to frequent that is no longer around. I want to hear them! Dreamland? Retro Viva? Lipstick Traces? Klopfenstein's? John Doyle Bishop? 

For example:

I have memories of I. Magnin, the upscale department store with a Seattle presence from 1926 until it closed in 1993 and think often of the soft silk pants I got there during their liquidation sale. Read more »

Fashion Icon: John Doyle Bishop

Fashion designer, John Doyle Bishop. Check out his pants—the pattern is his initials.

Join MOHAI’s Costume and Textile Specialist Clara Berg on Sunday, March 24 from 1 to 3 p.m. for a presentation on John Doyle Bishop, a Seattle designer and shop owner from the 1940s-70s who was known at the time for his flamboyant character and belief in the chicness of Seattle’s collective style. He was famously arrested on St. Patrick’s Day in 1972 after painting a green stripe down Fifth Avenue in downtown. Read more »