Scoop Blog Archive / February 2013

Best Bars in Seattle for Five Different Types of Dates

A.J. Rathbun
rob roy belltown bar seattle bar
Belltown's Rob Roy

Take my advice: don’t go to the wrong bar on the wrong date. Follow the pairings below to make your pairing more successful. Read more »


Scouting New Zealand's Food Scene with Marx Food's CEO

Leslie Kelly
Marx Food's CEO
Justin Marx (right) toured vast New Zealand ranches in a helicopter

Justin Marx was starving when he checked into a small hotel in the remote countryside of New Zealand a couple of years ago. He phoned down to the tiny kitchen, hoping for a simple snack.

“They sent up a beautiful plate of cheese and charcuterie, but it was the olive oil that really blew me away,” said the CEO of Marx Foods. “It was a deep green and had a rich, almost grassy flavor.” Read more »


Bill Gates Talks to Reddit

Bill Gates talks to Reddit
Microsoft co-founder and philanthroper Bill Gates

Bill Gates signed on to Reddit earlier this week for his first AMA (Ask Me Anything). That's a question and answer forum in which Reddit users post questions and the AMA "host" (some celebrities, many not) answer in real-time. Not familiar with the Reddit format? Read more »


See Bhama Roget, Hear Smashing Pumpkins Symphonic-style and Other Weekend To-dos

solo performance festival seattle theater
Veteran Seattle actor Bhama Roget stars in Hippiecrit, her first full-length solo show

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Online Stationer: Dear Uncle Stu

A peacock-lined envelope from Dear Uncle Stu

Self-proclaimed “vintage stationery junkie” Riani Townshend and lover of snail mail has opened Dear Uncle Stu, an online stationery shop inspired by a series of correspondences she had as a teenager with the elderly Col. Stuart Townshend.

Townshend offers a sophisticated assortment of embossed cards and beautifully lined envelopes in an array of vintage designs, from Japanese woodblock prints to satirical political cartoons (think Napoleon rather than Obama), as well as lovely botanical and travel images. Read more »