Scoop Blog Archive / March 2013

Shop to Make a Difference at U Village University Village

U Village and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center are teaming up March 15-17 for Shop to Make a Difference, where your shopping dollars go towards supporting a great cause. Read more »


Earth Day 5K Training: Lessons from REI on Support and Compression

Every body needs support. Some need compression too.

Week two of my Earth Day 5K training is almost done (one more run on Saturday before week three begins technically) and I’ve learned a lot. Mostly that my calves cramp up habitually at the outset of every run. That’s been a painful lesson that led to the lesson of perseverance, which is painful in it’s own way. Because, you know, inertia. Read more »

Seattle's Suddenly Flush with Middle Eastern Flavor

This Turkish snack bread is called simit, and Grand Central Bakery is baking the delicious knots right now.

The mainstreaming of Middle Eastern flavors in Seattle has been a long time coming. Read more »


Top Pot Doughnuts: Hand-forging World Domination

Leslie Kelly
Top Pot doughnuts
Mini-orange pistacio doughnuts from Top Pot

Hey, Big Apple! You ready for some hand-forged doughnuts?

Yup, Top Pot arrives in Manhattan later this year or early next, part of a franchise deal being worked on by the geniuses behind this now-massive operation. (This year, NYC; next year, world doughnut domination?)

No doubt about it, things are pretty sweet right now for Mark Klebeck and his brother, Michael, and their partner, Joel Radin. Read more »


Six Cocktail Spirits You Can Sip Neat

A.J. Rathbun
Dancing Pines Distillery's Black Walnut Bourbon Liqueur
Dancing Pines Distillery's Black Walnut Bourbon Liqueur

Sometimes we get so caught up in the marvelous mixtures being served at our mighty local bars and lounges that we forget that the ingredients being mixed are often great by themselves, too. To narrow down what particular cocktail ingredients are worth trying solo, I asked a few local bar stars for suggestions in their own words. I also added one of my own. Read more »