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Earth Day 5k: Gastroc Nemesis

This week, a shoe saved my life

With just about five weeks to go on my Earth Day 5k training, I’m racking up the miles. Just kidding, I’m kind of behind on my Couch to 5k schedule, but anyone who knows me well, knows that I rally like a boss.

So, this week’s breakthrough has been in my calf (or gastrocnemius) area. Where before I was plagued by pain, now I am pain-free.  And it’s all thanks to my new Brooks shoes.  And Barefoot Ted.  Let me explain: Read more »

My Latest, Greatest Food Find: Aardvark, the Curry Bus at the Pass, Plus More Food News

Curry tastes better when cooked and eaten in an old motor home. No, really!

Before we get to the part about Canlis getting rammed by a big old construction truck (it's true! And everyone's fine), let me first tell you about Aardvark Food and Juice Bar. Dan, the owner, could be the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Read more »

Cochon 555 is Back and Other Foodie Events in March

Leslie Kelly
Cochon 555 seattle
You'll find hog heaven at Cochon 555

Wow! There are some terrific food and wine events coming right up. Add these to your culinary calendars: Read more »


Vintage Pop Up at Carmilia’s

Gorgeous Diane von Furstenberg wool dress

Carmilia's, West Seattle’s most demure boutique, regularly filled with an inventory of imminently wearable clothing from lines like Velvet, Ella Moss, Michael Stars and some gorgeous jewelry from local designer Jules Accessory Designs (whose chunky semi-precious gem stone rings are covetable and affordable, such a nice combo), is hosting a vintage pop up shop on starting Thursday, March 14 during art walk from 6 to 9 p.m. and running all day Friday and Saturday. Read more »

Washington Wine Month: Give Chardonnay Another Chance

Leslie Kelly
white wine
That's a nice looking glass of white wine...not photographed anywhere near Seattle.

A friend from Durham, North Carolina, recently visited Seattle for the first time. Ate his first-ever Dungeness crab – on a BLT with some C at Seatown – and slurped for the very first time Kushi oysters. We spent a couple happy hours trolling Pike Place Market, buying stuff he’d eventually cook for friends out on Hood Canal and made a final stop at Pike and Western Wine Shop, where he made a request: Do you have any Burgundian-style Chardonnay from Washington state? Read more »