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Bloedel Reserve's Plant Sale, Edible Book Fest and Other Weekend Musts

west of lenin harold and the boys
G. Valmont Thomas gives a stunning performance in 'Master Harold...and the boys' at West of Lenin

Master Harold...and the boys

Ongoing (thru 4/21) — Apartheid, class issues and ballroom dancing blend in South African playwright Athol Fugard’s acclaimed Broadway drama. Longtime local theater fans will be thrilled to learn that this contemporary take is directed by Burke Walker, founding artistic director of the dearly departed Empty Space Theatre, and stars another Seattle theater vet, G. Valmont Thomas, whose performance is so good, he may just break your heart. Read more »


How to Make Sake Cocktails

A.J. Rathbun
Mix a little star fruit with that sake.

Take it from me: though it isn’t a regular cocktail staple, sake is a versatile and entertaining base to build drinks on.

Made from a special strain of rice—one you wouldn’t want to serve in a stir fry—the fungus Aspergillus oryzae (used during fermentation) and water, sake usually has around 15 percent alcohol by volume (and 18 to 20 percent before it’s diluted), so it’s a stitch stronger than most beer and wines. Read more »


Cooking Tips Picked Up at the Chef's Table at Altura

Leslie Kelly
altura restaurant in seattle
Altura's slow-roasted duck breast,served atop parsley root puree and farro (photographed for our November 2012 issue)

Finally! Got to eat dinner at Altura  on Capitol Hill, Seattle mag’s Best New Restaurant of 2012, at last and, oh, man, it lived up to the lofty expectations. Read more »


South Lake Union to Get Mile-High Tower

Knute Berger
Early "vision board" sketches show the new tower dwarfing the Space Needle and lording over Lake Union.

April 1 — Seattle's booming South Lake Union is about to get taller. In anticipation of a neighborhood up-zone, a developer has dusted-off Frank Lloyd Wright's 1956 idea of a mile-high tower to handle density. The building will be more than 18 million square feet.

 As word of the 500-story skyscraper leaked, officials were quick to react. "This solves the city's density issues in one fell swoop," said city council member Richard Conlin. "If we do this in SLU, we won't have to go denser in other neighborhoods. Seattle can be Seattle." Read more »