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8 Noteworthy Summer Restaurant Openings

Westward July opening in Seattle
Boat right up! The future home of Westward, opening in early July

We're in a familiar spring lull. Seems this time every year there's a short stretch of anticipatory time just before several restaurants open, in time for high summer. This year there are several worth watching for, including a major Tom Douglas project and a hidden Ballard spot from Renee Erickson. Here's what you need to know. Read more »


Mossback Monday: News on Earthquakes, SIFF and Salmon Mania

Knute Berger
Pampered and just plain mean: Seattle is the second worst city for dog attacks on mail carriers


Get Your Goat On At Corson Building's Quillisascut Fundraiser

Leslie Kelly
Goat: the other red meat

Goat is No. 1, the world’s most consumed red meat, eaten by 70 percent of the planet’s population. And yet, it’s tough to find it on menus in the U.S.

Now, don’t give me that malarkey about goats are too cute to eat. (What about Porky Pig? Yes, those bacon makers are soooey adorable. And on and on about all sorts of animals we routinely find on our plates.)

No, I think the real rub against eating goat is that it’s challenging to cook. It’s extremely lean and it can taste… well… goat-y. Read more »


Watch the Hey Marseilles "Heart Beats" Video

"Heart Beats" was written and directed by Seattle mag staff photographer Hayley Young

We reported last week about the gratis sneak peek of "Heart Beats," the new video from Seattle’s beloved indie-folk/chamber-pop/just-plain-endearing band Hey Marseilles. Our staff photographer Hayley Young wrote and directed the video. If you missed the preview, "Heart Beats" is up. Watch it here.


  Read more »

2013 Feast PDX Lineup Announced, and It Is Awesome

That there's a Velveeta Eclair. Yup. Get tix for High Comfort at Feast PDX and taste for yourself what the Joe Beef guys can do.

See that over there? That's a Velveeta Éclair. Or rather, Éclair Velveeta; its creators, chefs David McMillan and Frédéric Morin, hail from the legendary Joe Beef in Montreal. And they're just two of the dozens of chefs who'll grace Portland's second annual Feast PDX with their presence. Read more »