Scoop Blog Archive / July 2013

Mossback Monday: McGinn Versus Whole Foods, Plus New Laws on Pot and Social Media Passwords

Knute Berger
Can the Whole Foods attack save Mike McGinn?


Kiehl's LifeRide for amFAR Kicks Off at U Village

Dreamboat John Corbett on last year's LifeRide

Kiehl’s fourth annual LifeRide for amFAR, a nine-day motorcycle race to raise funds for HIV/AIDS research, is kicking off this year at the University Village store on Wednesday, July 31. Read more »


Humble Pie Now Open in the Central District

I drive past the home of Humble Pie (at 525 Rainier Ave, at Weller Street) on the edge of the  International District (technically it's the Central District) almost daily on my way to and from the south end. And for over a year, I've watched as owner Brian Solazzi gradually built decking, planted living roofs and installed chicken pens around the two shipping containers he moved onto the property to house his pizza place. Read more »

All the Details on the Forthcoming Willows Inn Cookbook

Joe Ray and Blaine Wetzel, just hanging out smokin' some fish. Like you do.

When Joe Ray called, saying he felt like spilling some beans, I had an inkling that it might something big. Ray's writing and photographs have been featured in The Boston Globe, the New York Times and dozens of other publications. Read more »

Have Your Tintype Taken at The Aviary

Go old timey at The Aviary

We’re all obsessed with iPhone photography (Instagram, Hipstamatic, etc.) but how about rocking it old school and exploring the world of tintype photography this weekend at The Aviary in Ballard? San Fran-based photographer Michael Shindler is really into tintype, a style that he centers his popular Photobooth company around, and has just recently built a 14 by 17 inch camera, which will create the largest images he has ever produced. Read more »