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Wear Wednesday with Paychi Guh

Paychi Guh’s Two Way Cozy Cardigan

Paychi Guh, our current fave cashmere line, is the star of the show at W Seattle's Wear Wednesday, tomorrow, October 9 from 5 to 7 p.m. Join designer Karen Guh as she shows off her entire fall collection and indulge in this dreamy textile. Don't hesitate to drape yourself in her sweaters and scarves—it's all to delicious not to. Guh will also have samples and swatches of her next collection, something that we're hotly anticipating.

Rivet & Sway Debuts its Specs on Wheels Pop-Up Shop

Seattle-based women’s eyewear company Rivet & Sway takes its specs out for a spin starting today with Specs on Wheels, a pop-up shop fitted onto a snazzy, orange and white tricycle that artfully displays its chic and colorful frames. Through the end of November, the three-wheeled shop will be on hand at North Seattle’s Caruh Salon & Spa on Wednesday through Sunday (6217 Roosevelt Way NE Ste. Read more »

Canceled: Fireside Beer Tastings at Pan Pacific Hotel

Lauren Mang
The Lobby Bar

We just received word that this Fireside series at the Pan Pacific Hotel has been canceled, effective immediately.
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Mossback Monday: Rainier 'R' Three Weeks Away, McDermott Drops the F-Bomb and a $2,000 Homelessness Tour

Knute Berger

Happy 75th Clamiversary, Ivar's!

Leslie Kelly

We’re so fortunate to live in a city with a booming restaurant industry, a thriving landscape where new places open so often it’s hard to keep up. (Finally had my first meal at Rock Creek, chef Eric Donnelly’s seafood resto that opened in July, and loved it!)

While diners are lining up to try the latest and possibly the greatest, what about all those oldies/goodies? The stalwarts that have been around for decades? Oh, they’re doing just fine, thanks to hordes of hungry regulars. Read more »