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Window Darlings: Our Ship has Come in Sale

Dog bust, $300

Do you ever wonder where the people whose homes you admire find their treasures? It’s sales like Window Darlings. Held in a private home in Madrona (1717 Evergreen Place) by friends Angela van der Meulen and Katarina Powell who scour Europe and the US for beautiful antique, modern, vintage and industrial décor items including furniture, mirrors, chandeliers, art, vintage jewelry, curiosities and other interesting items. Read more »


Shop at University Village’s Bartell Drugs--and Self-Publish Your Book

Seattle has topped a variety of lists lately, including (and not surprisingly) Flavorwire’s 20 Great American Cities for Writers That Aren’t New York. That fun factoid combined with this month’s National Novel Writing Month, in which an endless stream of writers challenge themselves to complete a 500,000 word novel by November 30, means Seattle will likely have even more caffeinated wordsmiths typing away in neighborhood coffee houses.  Read more »


A Few Tasty Dates For Your Culinary Calendar

Leslie Kelly
Razor clam digging season opens today after 12 p.m.

Happy Razor Clam digging day! The season opens on Washington’s coast after noon on November 15 and continues through November 20, a short run that’s a fun tradition for many. Lazy me, I rely on the kindness of friends and family to give me raw material for fritters and chowder and don’t you think it’s high time some fancy chefs took that clam in some cool, creative direction that made them as exciting as kale? Read more »


Skoah: Fitness for your Face

Scenes from the Bellevue Skoah

Skoah is a Vancouver, BC-based spa, with a focus on facials only, that offers a different take on skincare: personal fitness or a gym membership concept. While you can get just a one-off facial there (and by there, I mean Bellevue, downtown Seattle or the soon-to-open, Cap Hill location), what Skoah does best is maintenance. You get a personal consultant who manages and tweaks your skin workout, with a laser-like dedication to helping you look your best. Read more »


Gold Coast Trading at Craft & Culture

The light grey Ships & Structure sweatshirt, $90

Local designer Emeka Alams’ new collection Imo Youth is now available at excellent online retailer Craft & Culture, whose dedication to bringing us the coolest and most interesting indie brands out there is indefatigable.

Alams is a Seattle-based designer whose line Gold Coast Trading explores his Nigerian roots and the stories that arose from the slave routes between Cote D’Ivoire and the eastern tip of Nigeria. Read more »