Scoop Blog Archive / January 2014

Post-Holiday Helpers (of the Cocktail Kind)

A.J. Rathbun

The holidays sure are fun – but they can also leave you feeling a bit bogged down with all the celebratory eating, drinking and merrymaking. If you’re experiencing a post-holiday drag, may I suggest one of the following beverage cures? These sippers may not be completely work appropriate if you sadly have to head back into the office, but they’ll certainly make your day better.

Prizefighter Read more »


Shop the Sale: La Ree

Hello friends! Etoile by Isabel Marant Zavia Dress, Etoile by Isabel Marant Jade Jacket, Isabel Marant Crisi Boot in Moleskin and Jerome Dreyfuss Albert Bag in Noir

The shopping is plentiful in Bellevue. Our neighbor to the east has become a primo destination for internationally known designer label boutiques and super high-end stores, many of them in the two major malls that anchor the town. La Ree, one of our favorite shops on either side of the lake, is an independent exception to the mass market norm. Read more »


Big Changes in Store at Dot's, and a Change for Me as Well

Steak and fries at Dot's Delicatessen, soon to be Dot's Charcuterie and Bistrot

During a recent dinner at Dot's Delicatessen (yes, they serve dinner, and yes, you should go; the food is very good), our server dropped the news that Dot's would be renovating to make dinner seating more comfortable. 

When I followed up with Dot's owner, Miles James, he told me that the renovation will be a little more involved. In fact, Dot's Delicatessen will close and reopen, becoming Dot’s Charcuterie and Bistrot. Read more »