Scoop Blog Archive / February 2014

Runway2street: Online International Fashion Boutique Launches

The GTS Bordeaux from Anne Sylvain, $1903

If you live in the US, the UK, Canada or India and crave cutting edge fashion from up and coming indie designers from around the world, Seattle-based Runway2street is your new go-to site. Read more »

10 Things to Know About Nacho Borracho (Possibly, Maybe) Opening Today on Capitol Hill

Julien Perry

It's not difficult to find Mexican food in Seattle, but a casual after-hours hangout that has Frito pie and "totchos" on the menu is another story.  Read more »

Exclusive! 25 New Drink Flavors to Spice up Seattle Cocktails

cocktail additions local cocktail spice seattle magazine
The alcoholic additions and beer sauces from Georgetown-based Addition

Some classic drink combinations seem so made for each other as to prohibit tinkering: gin and tonic, for example, even rum and coke. Yet event the best recipes can benefit from some spicy stirring up. Enter Boeing procurement manager Eric Salenski and software salesman and consultant Matt Hemeyer with their startup, Addition (, to add what some cocktail lovers have been subconsciously longing for: a savory kick. Read more »


Grab Your Chance: Meet Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP in shoe heaven

Make a purchase from Sarah Jessica Parker’s Nordstrom-exclusive SJP Collection of shoes, handbags and trench coat between February 28, when it launches and March 5, when she makes an in-person appearance at the downtown store, and meet the woman herself. Read more »

Talking Vodka, Bacon Bloody Marys and Beyond with Reyka Vodka's Daniel Brancusi

A.J. Rathbun
Reyka Vodka's Daniel Brancusi

If you didn’t know it, Seattle and Reykjavik, Iceland, are sister cities. Recently, in a bit of sibling communing, Daniel Brancusi, who is the brand ambassador for Iceland’s Reyka vodka, came to town to promote the city connection, as well as to talk about the vodka. He even made some Seahawks drinks on local TV – realizing that to really be sibling cities, the Icelandic folks needed to back our local heroes. While he was here, I had a chance to sit down and talk to him about the two cities, vodka, a few great drink recipes and more. Read more »