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Grain Pop Up on Bainbridge Island

Destination Pop-Up

One of my fave local design teams, Grain, is going brick and mortar for a few weeks this November. From now until 11/24 ferry it over to Bainbridge Island and check out their Destination Pop-up in the Charrette storefront (130 Winslow Way E, across from Hitchcock) Thursday through Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. or by appointment. Read more »


Alma: Beautiful Jewelry from Mexico

Vibrant beaded earring by the Huichol tribe in Mexico

Julie Andres, former chef and owner of La Medusa in Columbia City, and present yoga teacher, has launched Alma, a new pop-up concept (with plans to go brick and mortar) just in time for the holidays. Read more »


Words of Wisdom from Clinton Kelly

"The Chew's" Clinton Kelly at the downtown Seattle Macy's

If you’re into current fashion and watch TV, it’s hard to imagine you’ve never heard of Clinton Kelly, a smart, sassy and totally honest New York-based style expert, perhaps best known as the co-host (with Stacy London) of TLC’s “What Not to Wear” and most recently, on ABC’s “The Chew.” Read more »


Kickstart This: Züpers

Durable and totally cool leggings from Züpers

I have a rough and tumble daughter who is always getting holes in her leggings (the only type of pants she’ll agree to wear). And while I can find them for cheap at Target, boy, would I love to not have to buy them by the bushel. Read more »


Jennifer Ament at Maison Luxe

The artist and her work

If you’re a fan of Jennifer Ament’s linocuts (and we are, big time), you’ll want to check out her new work at her show, Fools and Gem, which she describes as “one-of-a-kind printed graphic abstractions, encaustic paintings inspired by agates and moons and paper collage pieces that are inspired by unknown planets not yet discovered.” Ament will have work from four different mediums: oil paintings, encaustic, collage and linocuts on the walls at Read more »