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On Pete Wells, Guy Fieri, and Low Hanging Fruit

Guy Fieri in all his highlighted hair, red convertible glory

Like many of you, earlier this week I giggled and snickered at Pete Wells' New York Times all-question takedown of Guy Fieri's Times Square behemoth, Guy's Kitchen and Bar. It's the most emailed Times article right now, and why wouldn't it be? Read more »

Bon Appetit's (Pretty Spot-on!) Take on a Seattle Food-Lover's Itinerary

Ballard restaurant and oyster bar Walrus and the Carpenter
The Walrus & the Carpenter in Ballard was selected as one of our Best Restaurants in Seattle in 2012

Last year, I took the idea of having three days in Seattle to do nothing but eat, eat and eat some more, and I used that as a guide post for the varied restaurants we included in the Best Restaurants issue.

Our list of the 7 Restaurants that Define Seattle Dining Now wasand to a large extent, still ismy idea of how to taste the best in Seattle dining in one very filling weekend. Read more »

Seattle's Best New Restaurants of 2012: Who Made the Cut?

Wiley Frank and PK pause for a bite on some of Little Uncle’s sidewalk seating

What may strike you about the restaurants we included in the November Best New Restaurants issue (on newsstands now) is just how specialized and unique each of the restaurants is. Read more »

Preview Shanik's Menu, Plus an Update on the Opening

Vij's Meeru Dhalwala and partner Oguz Istif will soon bring world-class Indian food to this South Lake Union space

We've been telling you about Meeru Dhalwala's Shanik, the most anticipated restaurant opening of the year, for a while now. (Pick up our November Best New Restaurants issue to read our full-length preview of Vij's much-anticipated sibling restaurant!) Read more »

Updated! Murray Aid: Fundraising for Ailing Bartender, Murray Stenson

Murray (left) in his younger days, impish grin and all

Ah, Murray. Read more »