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Get an Early Taste of Monte Cristo, a Gourmet Grilled Cheese Truck

The Full Monte: Battered and griddled cinnamon swirl bread with Canadian bacon and a blend of cheeses topped with powdered sugar and fresh-squeezed lime.

Danielle Custer, who old-timers like me remember from her chef jobs at 727 Pine and Fullers in the Sheraton, and who more recently worked at Taste SAM, is launching Monte Cristo, a gourmet grilled cheese truck on Monday, October 22nd at Starbucks in Sodo (for more current whereabouts, visit Monte's website or Twitter page). Read more »

Apples, Pears, Figs Galore? How to Donate Your Tree Fruit

Apples and pears are at peek ripeness; don't let your backyard tree fruit go to waste.

Walking through my neighborhood, I can't help but covet the fig trees weighed down with green figs on the verge of full ripeness, the Asian pear tree in my neighbor's yard which holds, I'd guess, 40lbs of fruit right now. But in a few weeks, these and the myriad apples that are ripe right now in trees on nearly every Seattle street will perish, rot, or fall and turn to brown muck on the sidewalks if they're not picked and eaten. Read more »

Now Open: Wandering Goose on Capitol Hill and Ha! in Fremont

The Southern restaurant from Heather Earnhardt we've been anticipating since spring (read more here) is finally, finally open. And what a tasty-looking menu! We can't wait to get our hands on an Auntie Annie biscuit sandwich with fried chicken, bread & butter pickles, mustard and honey ($7.50). Read more »

Feast Portland's Secret to Success: Outstanding, Collaborative Chef Dinners

Chefs Jenn Louis and April Bloomfield

At any food festival, there's the big, daytime tasting event. Usually wineries and restaurants, serving up little sips and bites, very similar to our own Taste Washington. Read more »

Ending a 20-Year Run, Scott Carsberg's Bisato to Shutter

Seattle chef Scott Carsberg

My first meal at Lampreia, Scott Carsberg's epic, nationally praised fine dining restaurant which lived in the space that Carsberg's Bisato now calls home, well, it must've been in 1999 or 2000.

Back then--as now, though perhaps less-so--Carsberg's reputation for perfectionism--along with a firey temper--preceded him. Read more »