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Best Bars in Seattle for Five Different Types of Dates

A.J. Rathbun
rob roy belltown bar seattle bar
Belltown's Rob Roy

Take my advice: don’t go to the wrong bar on the wrong date. Follow the pairings below to make your pairing more successful. Read more »


Bill Gates Talks to Reddit

Bill Gates talks to Reddit
Microsoft co-founder and philanthroper Bill Gates

Bill Gates signed on to Reddit earlier this week for his first AMA (Ask Me Anything). That's a question and answer forum in which Reddit users post questions and the AMA "host" (some celebrities, many not) answer in real-time. Not familiar with the Reddit format? Read more »


See Bhama Roget, Hear Smashing Pumpkins Symphonic-style and Other Weekend To-dos

solo performance festival seattle theater
Veteran Seattle actor Bhama Roget stars in Hippiecrit, her first full-length solo show

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At Frye Art Museum, Works Old and New Come Together

frye art museum nicolai fechin paintings
Nicolai Fechin. (Detail) Portrait of a Young Woman, 1912. Oil on canvas. Frye Art Museum, 1990.006

In its latest exhibit, Frye Art Museum continues a previously establish bi-focal approach, opening concurrent shows that explore classic and contemporary works in neighboring galleries. Read more »


War Horse Sneak Peek: Three Men and a Puppet

war horse in seattle
Stars of War Horse: Andrew Veenstra (Albert) with Christopher Mai, Derek Stratton, Rob Laqui (Joey)

Mega-hit War Horse opens at the Paramount Theatre tonight in Seattle (tickets still available; show runs through 2/24).

Based on Michael Morpurgo’s novel about a boy fighting to reunite with his horse after it is sold to the cavalry during World War I, this version of the heartrending story is all about the remarkable puppet magic which brings the horse, "Joey," to life on stage. Read more »