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Sweet and Spectacular Youth-Made Films Now on View at NFFTY

A still from Nicholas Carignan's "Finger Food," featured at NFFTY

It's time once again for the National Film Festival for Talented Youth! Started by Seattle's Jesse Harris (a highly talented youth himself), NFTTY has swiftly become the largest youth film festival in the world. This year, NFFTY will showcase 200 films (culled from a record-breaking 700 submissions) from 20 countries, all directed by auteurs 22 and younger. The lineup includes work by more than 30 local filmmakers, including 14-year-old Ben Kadie, a film fanatic from Bellevue who has competed annually in NFFTY since he was 9 years-old. Read more »

A Haiku Review of New Century Theatre Company's "O Lovely Glowworm"

Peter Dylan O'Connor and MJ Sieber star in "O Lovely Glowworm, or, Scenes of Great Beauty"

A Haiku Review of "O Lovely Glowworm," an absurd, wistful story by playwright Glen Berger, told from the twisted but sweet perspective of a taxidermied goat and performed by New Century Theatre Company.

Lyrical writing
Acting, directing superb
I love that dead goat Read more »

Producer Jennifer Roth to Receive Mayor's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film

We can't keep this news under our hats any longer! The recipient of the 2011 Mayor's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film is... Seattle-based producer Jennifer Roth. Hooray! Roth will be presented with the award at SIFF's opening night on May 19th. She's receiving the prestigious award because she has played a crucial role in getting big budget movies filmed in Seattle, and also because of her tireless dedication to local indie filmmakers. Read more »

A Haiku Review of Melissa James Gibson's "This," Now Playing at the Seattle Rep

Nick Garrison is hilarious in "This" at the Seattle Rep

Haiku Reviews: For arts lovers short on time!

A Haiku Review of This:

The playwright loves words
Nearly chokes her actors, but
Nick Garrison rules.

Melissa James Gibson's contemporary relationship drama,This, plays at the Seattle Rep through May 15th.

Macklemore Will Sing "My Oh My," His Tribute to Dave Niehaus, at Mariner's Opener

Macklemore at last year's Seattle magazine Spotlight Award photo shoot.

My love for Capitol Hill rapper Macklemore (aka Ben Haggerty) is no secret--in fact I gave him a 2010 Spotlight Award last September. Since then he's only been gaining in acclaim, and tomorrow, he'll sing "My Oh My," his touching tribute to Dave Niehaus, at the Mariner's Opening Game. Go Ben! (Oh, and go Ms, too.)

If you want to learn more about this local superstar before he hits the field, read my profile from last year. Read more »