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Revenge of the 20-something

A Daily Dose of You with had a nice piece today on, the latest in a new wave of social media that emphasizes community building through visuals and pictures. The site was founded by Noah Kalina, a photo student who rose to Youtube fame when he posted a five-minute time lapse video comprised of six years worth of digi cam self-portraits. Read more »

Tweeting While Eating: A James Beard Adventure

On Monday I was lucky enough to attend the James Beard Northwest nominees dinner and tweetup. Yes, tweetup. What’s that you ask? In the Twitter lexicon it's the geeky phrase de jour used to describe a real life meet up of Twitter friends. Read more »

From AOL to Twitter: A Social Media Autobiography

The idea that a scrappy startup could dethrone a social media giant is nothing new. Millions of young Americans have left one social network in favor of starting fresh and buiding a new one.

Take, for example, my own social media history: I first hopped online in 1993. Back then, Web savvy classmates dialed up to chat with eachother on AOL. Fast-forward to the college years and I was knee-deep in blogging via Live Journal and building new "networks" on Friendster and then Myspace. Read more »

Karen Johnson's Interview with Herself

Night owls and culture vultures, meet Seattle magazine’s voice of the hard-working, hard-playing crowd, Karen Johnson. By day, Karen brings the world of Seattle mag to the wide-world of the Web as online editor. By night, she is on the hunt for the must-know affordable/fabulous/can’t-miss things to-do and places to go in Seattle. To help you get to know Karen, we grilled her on the ins and outs of Seattle’s young and restless scene.

Who is the Young and Restless crowd? Read more »