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Preview Shanik's Menu, Plus an Update on the Opening

Vij's Meeru Dhalwala and partner Oguz Istif will soon bring world-class Indian food to this South Lake Union space

We've been telling you about Meeru Dhalwala's Shanik, the most anticipated restaurant opening of the year, for a while now. (Pick up our November Best New Restaurants issue to read our full-length preview of Vij's much-anticipated sibling restaurant!) Read more »

Style Syndicate 206 Grand Opening Bash

Jeweler Cat McCadden and her business partner Paul Mendes flipped this sad spot on Capitol Hill into something special for the style set

Jeweler Cat McCadden (whose Grace Gow line of shoulder-grazing earrings had us swooning when they hit the scene in 2010) is teaming up with business partner, Paul Mendes, on a new exciting retail venture on Capitol Hill called Style Syndicate 206. Part clothing and home goods shop (vintage and new) and part Grace Gow showroom, the space, in a dramatically rescued a deadbeat storefront on 12th Ave. near Cal Anderson Park, will also eventually host classes and events. Read more »


Dia de los Muertos at River Song

Add a photo of a dearly departed loved one to the altar at River Song be a part of this meaningful Mexican tradition

Madison Valley’s River Song is one of our favorite jewelry shops. Not only does owner and jeweler River Burke make the most amazing jewelry from semi-precious stones, she travels the world to find them, adding a worldly cache to everything she creates. Burke returns from her travels with equally amazing, rare and unique gifts and treasures from the countries she visits, selling them in her cozy cool shop.  Read more »


5 Cocktails to Help You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

A.J. Rathbun

Five mixes that you’ll want to have on hand if your neighborhood is ever invaded by the undead. Or, if you decide to throw a Halloween party. Whichever comes first. Read more »


Hermès 8 Ties Exhibit at The Bravern

Head to The Bravern to virtually create your own Hermès tie

If you missed the Hermès Festival of Crafts last February at The Bravern, where a traveling group of artisans set up workshop in the Bravern’s Exhibition Space and blew viewers’ minds with their skilled fine craftsmanship, now’s your chance to see something else amazing from this iconic French design house, this time with a nod to future rather than a glimpse at the past. Read more »