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Matt's in the Market Says Farewell to Chef Chet

Leslie Kelly
Chef Chester Gerl with Chef Gabe Rucker from Portland's Le Pigeon at a previous Matt's in the Market event.

Some kitchens have revolving doors. Chefs come and they go, sometimes shouting, screaming, laughing. But that's the restaurant business, ever-fluid, never a dull nanosecond.

Still, I was flat-out bummed to hear the news that Chester Gerl is leaving Matt's in the Market. Yes, of course, I understand. He's de-camping to NYC to be close to family. Plus, he's got a kick-ass job waiting for him thanks to Top Chef Masters judge Jonathan Waxman. (More about that in a jiff.) Read more »

Two New Music Videos from Campfire Ok

Seattle band Campfire Ok...or at least, the sum of all its parts?

One simple:

One not-so-simple: Read more »


Weekend Shopping Picks: Screaming Deals at Two Resale Events

Oscar de la Renta top for $20? Only at the YWCA Closet Treasures.

We've already talked about the vintage clothing sale that I have a booth at this weekend (for those of you who don’t know, or haven’t already gleaned, I’m thrift-store obsessed. Yep, me and my man, Macklemore) and I’m here with more info on it, straight from the organizers. Read more »


Cocktail Recipes: 5 Apple-licious Fall Drinks

A.J. Rathbun

Fall’s crisp air lends itself to many seasonal treats (including some previously-mentioned fall drinks), but no ingredient says “fall” as much as an apple.

Luckily, we don’t have to be like Herculus and travel to the Garden of the Hesperides to find fantastic apples, as they’re abundant at our local farmer’s markets. Read more »


See Men Dance, Meet an Epic Hero and Other Weekend Musts

Rebel Wilson and Chris Colfer star in "Struck by Lightning," the opening night film of the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Read more »