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Designer Rachel Roy Unveils New Collections at Downtown Nordstrom

Designer Rachel Roy

With celebrity clients like Michelle Obama, Diane Sawyer and Jennifer Garner, Rachel Roy has established herself as the thinking woman’s clothing designer. Her collections are savvy, smart, wearable and touch on sexy rather than scream it. Perhaps best known for her apparel, Roy also does shoes. She’ll be at the Downtown Nordstrom store on Thursday, September 20 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to promote her Fall 2012 collections. Read more »


Brangien Davis Braves the Ferris Wheel for Arts!

Arts and cultur editor Brangien Davis with Art Zone host Nancy Guppy

Our fearless arts and culture editor took on the Great Wheel to promote her top picks from our Fall Arts Guide on Art Zone with Nancy Guppy. Watch the full episode to enjoy an interview with artist Cassandra Blackmore, who shatters glass on purpose, and to hear a live performance from indie rocker Rocky Votolato. Finally, watch all of Brangien's segment to hear Nancy's (impromptu) review of the "great" ride right at the end: Read more »


Seattle Plays the Constitution

A flag made from a flag. Part of local artist Luke Haynes' "The American Context" series

What's that you say? You've never read the U.S. Constitution from start to finish? Or did you just mean you haven't read it aloud, on stage, with friends and strangers watching you, and stirring musical accompaniment spurring you forward?

Well, now you can. Read more »


Increase Your Food & Drink I.Q. at 3 Educational Events

Cody Bay
Wormwood Society founder Gwydion Stone serves up absinthe knowledge and glass pours.

The kids are back in school! Don't let them be the only ones out there soaking up new knowledge – here are a few educational opportunities you could, um, soak up as well.   Read more »

Nordstrom and Topshop Resurrect '90s Punk

It’s the era of the high/low collaboration in fashion (Neiman Marcus and Target’s upcoming Holiday collection being the ultimate in incongruity) and Nordstrom has entered the fray this week as Topshop, one of Britain’s most beloved trendy high street retailers, set up shop in 14 of their stores throughout the country and online. Read more »