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Seattle's New Mobile Fashion Truck Trend?

We have a bit of a joke-that-is-not-actually-a-joke around the office about declaring something a “trend”: You can’t call it one until you find three examples. So naturally, since news broke a few weeks ago that the city’s first “fashion truck”, The Kippy Ding Ding, is now roaming the streets (more here), I’ve been on the hunt for two more.

Well, what do you know, Kippy has company: Read more »


Reasons to Miss Ichiro

Ichiro Suzuki made his debut as a New York Yankee on July 23 at Safeco Field

News broke yesterday that beloved Mariners player Ichiro Suzuki has been traded to the New York Yankees. The announcement spurred a mix of bitterness and speculation in our offices yesterday—and, of course, nostalgia. From food writer Leslie Kelly: "As a longtime, diehard M's fan, my heart breaks at this revolting development. I know it's a major league baseball is a business, but, darn it, would the Yankees ever even consider trading Jeter? No! Read more »


Kill the Keg Happy Hours + Free Burgers

Cody Bay

Death to Kegs!

Something about drinking wine from a keg makes people want to do other off-kilter, Bacchanalian things, like glug it from mason jars, paper cups or directly from the spout, or, say, try to drink an entire keg of it in one sitting. Read more »

Shopping at Pike Place Market with ART's Chef

Leslie Kelly
ART Chef Vandenbroucke's Alaska salmon with pickled apricot puree, served over tender-crisp sea beans

Guess who I ran into at Pike Place Market?

ART chef Jelle Vandenbroucke, who makes a trip there every Wednesday during the summer with anybody who wants to tag along. And it doesn’t cost a thing. How cool is that?

Chef Jelle has been chef de cuisine at ART for about a year, working with executive chef Kerry Sear at the gorgeous restaurant at the Four Seasons, where I would totally live if I ever hit that dang Mega Millions. Read more »


Got a Boozy Sweet Tooth? Five Spiked Desserts

A.J. Rathbun
Pouring a Peach Granita Bellini

I like to have a well-made cocktail now and then (you may have seen evidence of this in my previous blog posts). But I like to eat, too. In fact, I dig a dandy dessert. Especially one that combines my cocktail and sweet cravings. Read more »