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5 Tasty Food Dates For Your Summer Calendar

Leslie Kelly

One of the many reasons summer goes by too darned quickly? There are just so many neat-o things to do. (Make time slow down, so we can do more!) Here are a few options to add to your already crammed culinary calendar: Read more »


What's the Poop on the Taylor Shellfishtival?

This press release from Taylor Shellfish Farms about the upcoming Shellfish-tival inspired a couple Friday afternoon thoughts...

1. I think if you're going to call something a Shellfishtival you should fully embrace it and drop the hyphen.

2. The lineup seems a little heavy on feces-related fun. What's with the poop party?

  Read more »


Local Bars with Patios and Great Summer Cocktails

A.J. Rathbun
Belltown's Rob Roy is a great place to tuck in to, but in summer, take your cocktail out to the front deck

Day after day of bright yellow rays and temperatures creeping almost into hot territory are leaving me and most Seattle folks dazed and blissful. Not only are these halcyon days charming to walk around in, sit around in, ride around in, and wear less around in, they’re also wonderful for drinking outside. Read more »


Whatever You Do, Go Outside This Weekend: A Special Summertime Must List

Stunning sunsets can be witnessed at the base of Alexander Calder's "Eagle" at the Olympic Sculpture Park

Olympic Sculpture Park Summer Kickoff
Thursday (7/12) - Beginning this week and continuing every Thursday evening through the summer, Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park features a rotating lineup of fun, including food trucks, live music, wine tastings and other special events. This evening, Eduardo Mendonça’s Show Brazil! and the VamoLá Drum & Dance Ensemble bring a Brazilian carnival to the park, accompanied by the sun’s dramatic drop behind the Olympic Mountains. Read more »


Things to Know Before You Ride the Seattle Ferris Wheel

1. If there are only two people in your party, you will probably have to share a pod with strangers. Hopefully you will get paired with a nice, socially competent couple from Mukilteo (like I did). Otherwise, congratulations! You just paid to join a cruel social experiment: Seattle strangers trapped in a glass bubble and forced to make small talk. Don’t bother trying to escape, they lock the doors from the outside.

2. The air conditioning inside those pods is more powerful than any currently offered in Seattle. Bring a sweater. Read more »