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King 5: Governor Gregoire Sparks Washington/California Wine Face-Off

You could say that Washington Governor Chris Gregoire has started a war of wine words.
On Monday, while announcing funding for a new $5 million wine research center in Richland, she uncorked a story about a recent trade mission to Europe.

“Someone asked me what about California wine, and I said they make jug wine. We make fine wine!” Her comment drew cheers and laughter. Read more »


Glamspoon Trunk Sale at Frock Shop, Brew Fest at Butch Blum and the New Fleurt

The new Fleurt location at the West Seattle Junction

Time to whip out your preferred datebook method—an old-fashioned calendar, email notification alerts or ink written on the back of your hand (just me on that one?) —and mark down these stylish stops in the coming weeks: Read more »


UPDATED: Tom Douglas Opening a Falafel Joint? Indeed!

On Saturday's Seattle Kitchen radio show, Tom Douglas dropped a bomb: He's "getting pretty close" to opening a falafel joint right here in Seattle. Say wha? Read more »


Artists Mark World's Fair 50th Anniversary with New Installations around Seattle Center

This weekend, kicking off as early as 7:30am for some (and 10am for the rest of us), Seattle Center shall spilleth over with installations, exhibits, performances, and food trucks - all assembled to celebrate the much-anticipated 50th Anniversary of Seattle's 1962 World's Fair (you may have heard of it). Read more »


First Warm Weather of the Year Freakout: It's Gonna Hit 70! What Will You Do?

Every year, when the first 70 degree day hits, Seattleites go completely bonkers. Swimming, boating and water skiing on Lake Washington, playing beach volleyball on the shores of Alki Beach in skimpy shorts and tank tops, and sunning themselves in patches of ardent green near Green Lake--it's all about to go down. If you're new to these parts, here's a tip: 70 Seattle degrees equals 90 anywhere-else degrees. Read more »