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Video: Cynthia Lair's Lime Boost

(Joaquin considers gardening)
A jar of this sweetened lime concentrate is perfect for fish marinades, cabbage salad dressings, an icy drink and more. Excellent "boost" added to to the athlete's water bottle. Prinatble recipe?  Click here.

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Red Tricycle Recommends: A Drive-in Night at Auburn's Valley 6!


We're excited to announce a new partnership with Red Tricycle, a family-friendly blog by moms who focus on the "lighter side" of parenting. Each week, we'll pick one of our favorite Red Tri pieces to share with readers. First on the docket, a how-to guide to a night at the drive-in.  Read more »

Reader Poll: Cast Your Nominations for Seattle Mag's Most Influential of 2011

2011 Most Influential winner, Ben Huh

One of my favorite features of the year is Seattle mag’s Most Influential list, an annual round-up of the people behind the big ideas, deals, projects, changes and news that make our city tick.

This morning our advisory board started the difficult task of nominating and debating the 2011 selections. Some nominees stood out from the pack. Others were hotly debated. (Of course, you’ll have to check out our November issue to see who we eventually pick). Read more »


Attack of the Foodie Tours

Cody Bay
Seattle Food Tours' Belltown Restaurant Tour
Seattle Food Tours founder Michael Rogers, left, leads a group on a culinary trip through Belltown.

Now that it's almost summer, spring is finally here. That means a new season of food tours that incorporate walking, eating, learning stuff, eating, more walking, and more eating. Read more »

Farmers' Market Smoothies

Kelly Singer
You'll never guess what's inside the Green Pear Smoothie

One of the hallmarks of summer in Seattle is the arrival of farmers' markets.   There are some wonderful fruits and vegetables coming into season this month like berries, beets, kale, and carrots.  An easy way to make the most of seasonal goods is to incorporate the produce into smoothies.    It’s a great way to try something new or use up the last few morsels before they go bad.  Either way, smoothies are an easy and delicious way to get your eight servings of fruits and vegetables a day and add some variety to your diet.

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