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Shopping find: Sport Seahawk pride in style with locally-made earrings

Spirit bangles from Rebecca Luong at THINKNOW

Though many of us wouldn't have predicted the Seahawks improbable and spectacular journey into the playoffs this year, now that they are in the second round (they meet the Bears in Chicago on Sunday in the divisional playoff smackdown), we can't help but feel an extra dose of hometown pride this week. Read more »

Tequila 101: Get a Spirited Primer on Agave from Matador Owner Zak Melang

Sweet Agave at Matador in Ballard

What's the difference between a $15 bottle of tequila and a $300 bottle? How do you cure a tequila hangover? Matador owner Melang answers our burning agave-related questions in this piece produced by our new video intern Alex Kummerow.


Tequila 101 from Seattle magazine on Vimeo.

Revel Introduces Brunch THIS Weekend

Fremont’s newest casual Korean dining spot, Revel, starts its brunch program this Saturday. From what we're hearing, the brunch menu is taking a nod from chefs Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi's Asian-inspired dinner menu (which features noodles; dumplings; salads; rice dishes; etc.). Head to Fremont this weekend to find sweet and savory pancakes, sandwiches and Kimchi Bloody Marys.

Here's the full press release for more details: Read more »


Fashion + Style Friday: Locally-made, must-have essentials for 2011


Happy New Year! You may have noticed that got a facelift for the new year, one of our office’s goals for the year. Read more »

Tune Into KUOW for Food Convo with Allison Austin Scheff and Sara Dickerman

UPDATE: Listen to live, streaming video of Ali's KUOW debut, here.

Public radio geeks and foodies, tune your radio dial to 94.9 FM at 9 a.m. TOMORROW morning. Read more »