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Four Drinks for a Triumphant Tailgating Experience

A.J. Rathbun

If you want your tailgating party to rise above the others parked on the asphalt, I suggest you up the drink ante and serve more than just beer. Adding some extra style and substance to your tailgate drinks certainly makes the day better, no matter if your team wins or loses.

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Langdon Cook's The Mushroom Hunters Among Amazon's Best Books of the Month

Langdon Cook on the of trail of the underground mushroom foraging industry

We're loving all the attention Seattle Magazine Cook's Adventure's columnist, Fat of the Land blogger and author Langdon Cook's new book is getting. Read more »

Topshop and Nordstom: Total Domination

Colorful frocks and Grunge-y caps from Topshop at Nordstrom

Since the launch of the Nordstrom/ Topshop collaboration at Southcenter Mall last fall, die-hard fashion-forward Seattlites have been braving the daunting Tukwila commute and throngs of suburban shoppers to get his or her fix of hyper-trendy leather miniskirts and faux fur vests. Read more »

Westward and Little Gull Are Now Open on North Lake Union

First come, first served in the Adirondack chairs. Worth the effort for that view!

They said they were opening next Tuesday.

But, in a twist (who doesn't love a twist?), Westward and Little Gull Grocery, the north Lake Union waterfront seafood-centric, boat-up spots we've been waiting all summer for, are open! Right now. For lunch and dinner. And the in-between hours (11am til 10pm, or 11pm on weekends).   Read more »

Save the Date: Horseshoe’s Stockroom Sale

New merch from Horseshoe, probably not on sale yet, but an example of the type of cool clothes they sell

Gear up for some major deals at Horseshoe’s annual Stockroom Sale, happening this year on Thursday, September 12 from 4 to 8 p.m. in a new location next door to Filthy Rich Jewelry at 5404 22nd Ave in Ballard.

This is a serious sale, i.e. cash only, final sale, no holds and no dressing rooms. For safety’s sake, Horseshoe will only allow 25 people (max!) into the sale at one time, which means: Get there early and be prepared to wait your turn!