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Late Summer Wine Cocktails

A.J. Rathbun
It won't take much to get through this drink

Summertime, I think, is wine cocktail time. Why? Because they tend to be super refreshing, easy-to-make, flavorful, and a little lighter on their feet than some other drinks. As summer is starting to wind down, I figured that having a few good wine cocktails at the ready over these next few weeks would be a good idea—it never hurts to try and draw summer out as long as possible. Read more »


The Must List: Bumbershoot, Husky Football, a Birthday Barbecue Feast and Roger Shimomura at the Greg Kucera Gallery

Seattle band Kithkin will perform at Bumbershoot

Must Rock Out

(8/31 to 9/2, times vary) — This end-of-summer arts extravaganza pulls together some of the biggest names in comedy, visual arts, theater and, of course, music. Local bands worth braving the crowds for: Kris Orlowski, Kithkin, The Redwood Plan, Katie Kate, BellaMaine and Allen Stone. Read more »


Seattle Fast Food Workers to Strike Thursday

Lauren Mang

If you're craving fast food tomorrow, it may just have to wait. Much like the events on May 30, lower wage workers in Seattle (as well as other major cities around the country) are planning to walk out on Thursday, August 29. Read more »


Ethan Stowell to Open mkt. in Tangletown This Fall

In a tiny space that once housed Chase Jarvis Visual Media (and right nextdoor to the Elysian Tangletown), Ethan Stowell plans to open mkt., a small bar and restaurant, this fall. Read more »

Victoria, B.C. or Bust: Fit a Quick Trip Into Your Last Few Days of Summer

The Victoria Harbour Ferry ballet

Summer may be winding down, but there’s still ample time to trek somewhere fun for a night. Consider an overnight sojourn to this close by stomping ground (and one of CNN’s friendliest cities in the world): Victoria, B.C. Seattle magazine editorial assistant Erika Almanza Brown offers up her picks for when she visits this vibrant place, filled with history, culture, local eateries and breweries. Read more »