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Holy Cocktail Napkins, Batman! Cool Foodie Events and Tastings on This Week

Leslie Kelly
Chef Dezi Boznow of Palace Kitchen and Serafina's Josh Green go head-to-head at U-District Farmers Market this weekend

This week's ripe with super-fun and mostly affordable eating and drinking dates, whether it involves watching chefs duke it out at the farmers market or sipping some swell suds at a neighborhood brewfest. Read more »

Getting to Know Your Neighbors in Seattle

Seattle Night Out's official logo.

Tonight is National Night Out!

That means many Seattle neighborhoods will close residential streets and host festive block parties, all in the name of taking a stand against crime and building stronger communities (August 9, 6-9pm). After all, you don't have much of a community if you don't know (or like) your neighbors. Read more »


Refreshing Summer "Mocktails"

The Peach Queen is a delightful non-alchoholic alternative to the summer cocktails you're craving

Who doesn't love sitting by the pool with a fruity cocktail on a hot summer's day? It's hard for us to imagine a better afternoon, but it's pretty much impossible to have a yummy-looking drink in hand without the kids begging for a sip.

Make everyone in the family happy by creating one of these delicious mocktails. From smoothies to sangria (all virgin, of course!), Red Tricycle has you covered. Read more »


Redmond Rocket Scientists Help Land Mars Rover

A screenshot from the video depicting the rover's descent through Mars' atmosphere

Aerojet, a company located in Redmond, Washington, has provided propulsion for every mission to Mars, including the one that saw "Curiosity," NASA's latest Mars rover touch down successfully late Sunday night.

Our partners at King 5 News interviewed the gleeful scientists at the company yesterday. Read more »


Craving Some Soda Fountain Cool in Seattle

Leslie Kelly
Customers seated at a Horluck's ice cream and soda fountain, Seattle. Date unknown.

On National Root Beer Float Day, I cannot help feeling a little bummed. Getting in the car to drive to A&W just isn’t going to cut it.

As far as I can tell, the nearest old-fashioned soda fountain is 260 miles away, at Lincoln County Pharmacy in Davenport, one of those sleepy towns on Highway 2.

When classic goodies like pie and cupcakes have become so retro cool, why hasn’t anybody seized on updating the soda fountain? Read more »