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Five Refreshing Wine Cocktails

A.J. Rathbun
The Witch in White, Cactus Berry and Lord Charles, originally photographed for A.J. Rathbun's book on Wine Cocktails

Though there are still those divisive folks who only want to drink a cocktail or a glass of wine, more people are experimenting with wine in mixed drinks. This is a tastily awesome thing, because wine cocktails tend to be very refreshing numbers that are layered in flavoran ideal kind of combo for the end of July and August, especially as we're celebrating Washington Wine Month and Seattle magazine's 2012 Best Washington Wine Awards. Read more »


Shop Bellevue Arts Fair, Take Part in a Cell Phone Symphony and Other Weekend Musts

"Love & Loss" at the Olympic Sculpture Park. See it at our upcoming summer tasting party at the park.

Red, White & Brew Read more »


Evil Can Be a Funny Thing: Three Must-See Plays Go to the Dark Side

The very funny Tim Hyland (Chief Inspector Pissani) and MJ Sieber (The Superintendent) in "Accidental Death of an Anarchist," showing through August 4

These plays produced by local companies are dark, political and complex. But they also made us laugh out loud. Catch them before they’re gone. Read more »


New Goodwill “Boutique” Opens in SLU

I enjoy a good dig through my neighborhood Goodwill but dependent on your shopping style, not everyone wants to sift, lift and hunt for goods. Enter Goodwill’s new South Lake Union store: There is no searching here, in fact, the swanky new space resembles more of a boutique than a warehouse. Read more »


Roads Scholar: Downtown Express Lanes on I-5 Now Express-ier

Reversing the I-5 express lanes will now happen with the flick of a switch

With the flick of a switch, WSDOT engineers catapulted downtown Seattle's expressways into the 21st century, saving hundreds of midday drivers countless hours spent sitting in traffic. Read more »