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4 Ways to Celebrate the Seattle Monorail's 50th Birthday

Saturday, March 24 marks the 50th birthday of the Monorail, Seattle's iconic and "futuristic" train that connects Seattle Center and the downtown Westlake shopping center. For such a short and kooky ride, the Monorail evokes lots of love and nostalgia among locals. If you share these sentiments, take a minute to enjoy one of these expressions of appreciation for the train's dutiful 50 years of service:

1. Play the Monorail Video Game

Forget riding the monorail, ever dream of driving it? Evidently, 14-year-old McKaulay Kolakowski did. After hours of programming and staring at Google Street View, he designed a free computer game that puts you behind the “wheel.” Just choose between the blue or the red train and you're ready to cruise past several of the Seattle landmarks you'll see from the real train's window. An adorable interactive game that recalls the days of 8-bit Nintendo, you can travel with the train's doors closed or wrecklessly open and even honk the horn. The Mill Creek native plans to continue developing the game, adding more features and expanding his virtual monorail to new routes that go beyond its downtown track. What could possibly be a more fitting 21st century tribute to the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair? Jump on board at (Hat tip, Seattle Weekly and Daily Herald.) -Katie Joy Blanksma

2. Learn Fun Facts about the Monorail

If you have ever wondered how many adult male elephants the monorail could support, this beautifully designed video has the answer, along with several other pieces of fun Monorail trivia:

3. Read "Why the Monorail is Still the Best Ride in Town"

As part of our March issue transportation cover story, Feliks Banel reflects on the history of the monorail and why it's stuck around for so long in this nostalgic essay.

4. Go for a Joy Ride

The folks over at the Monorail have a big plans for the Monorail's 50th birthday on Saturday, March 23, including free rides granted to anyone who saved their ticket for a ride between 1962 and 2010. Full schedule after the jump:

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Red Tricycle's Summer Camp Guide 2012

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OMG! Hunger Games-Themed Trophy Cupcakes!




Hunger Games cupcakes!

Hunger Games cupcakes!

They're chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream (unless you special order them with your favorite flavor; minimum order of a dozen), and they'll be available at all Trophy Cupcakes locations through Sunday.

That is all.

[Ed's note: And may the odds be ever in your flavor...I mean favor.]

Spring Cocktails: 4 Aperitifs to Enjoy Before Dinner

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