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The Weekend Must List: One Last Splash of Summer, Trailer Park Shopping and Bugs for Dinner

Bug Banquet
Wednesday (9/7) Read more »

Food News: Scoop on Manhattan Drug, the Social Coming Soon to Capitol Hill

Rendering of Manhattan Drug

Laura Olson is on fire: She's opened Po Dog and Grim's on Capitol Hill, and a bar called Detention (in what used to be the second Po Dog) in the U-District in just the last two years. Read more »


Red Tricycle Recommends: 5 Family-Friendly Restaurants for Dining Alfresco

If the sun is shining in Seattle, you must take advantage of it! Ditch the stovetop in your stuffy kitchen and head out to one of these family restaurants in Seattle that have outdoor dining options. Read more »

Men Up to Their Elbows in Mud: Geoduck Hunting on The Perennial Plate

The folks at The Perennial Plate are on a foraging kick, similar to our Cook's Adventures: Eat from the Sea piece in the August issue. They just released a new video on their website about three natural ingredients that can be (somewhat) easily found near the ocean on the West Coast: greens, giant clam and - why wasn't this obvious before? - salt. Read more »

Sneak Peek: Jamie Boudreau's Canon, Opening Later This Week!

Cody Bay

Jamie Boudreau finally gets to eat his cake.

A Canadian who escaped a far more sober life as a would-be physiotherapist, he has established himself as one of the Northwest's most respected bartenders, with stints at Tini Bigs, Vessel (now defunct), his own cocktail show on the Small Screen Network, and a standing reputation as one of the world's great molecular mixologists. All this, it seems, has been leading to this moment: the imminent opening of his own bar. Read more »