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Two Local Film Fests, Marination Station, Regina Chang's New Vintage Furniture Shop and More Top To-do's

Feed your kalbi taco and spam slider cravings at Marination Mobile’s new brick and mortar location.

Must Watch
Film Fests!
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Remembering Kim Ricketts, Founder of Kim Ricketts Book Events

Kim Ricketts (center) with author Michael Lewis

On Monday evening I heard the very sad news that Kim Ricketts, founder of the ever-popular Kim Ricketts Book Events, had passed away. Kim had been battling AL Amyloidosis as well as a rare bone cancer since the fall. Read more »



Space Needle Writer-in-Residence: Knute Berger Lands the Coolest Gig Ever!

space needle
Seattle magazine's editor-at-large checking out new digs as Space Needle Writer-in-Residence.

This just in! Knute Berger, Seattle mag's editor-at-large and expert on all things Pugetopolis has landed the coolest gig ever: Space Needle Writer-in-Residence. As part of the 50th anniversary of the Seattle Center landmark, Knute (or "Skip" as he's known here around the office) has been commissioned to write the Needle's official history. Read more »


Grant Achatz Leads Stunning Team of Chefs at Fred Hutch Fundraiser

If your charitable spending budget is around $350 and you want to taste the wares of several terrific Seattle chefs, as well as meet acclaimed Alinea chef, Life, On the Line author and cancer survivor Grant Achatz during a half-hour VIP reception, the upcoming 20th Anniversary Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research dinner on May 22nd is an unmatched opportunity. Read more »


Tips from Kelly Singer on Gearing Up for Jogging in the Rain

Kelly Singer

It’s April in Seattle, but the unseasonably cool temperatures, lack of sunshine, and constant drizzle makes it  feel like we’re back in November.  I’m past the point of letting the weather rain on my parade and on my run, so I made a list of the necessary gear needed to get out there and stay dry.  

Here’s what you need for your April run, hike or walk: Read more »